Adjustments for Academic Grading


Windham Ashland Jewett Central School

Adjustments for Academic Grading during COVID School Closure


WAJ students have recorded grades up until March 10, 2020, which was the last regular school day before closure due to COVID 19. Since then, our goal has always been—and still remains—first and foremost—the health and safety of our students and staff.  During the process of implementing all precautions issued by the Center for Disease Control, Governor Cuomo, NYSED, and state health agencies, we have been fortunate to also be able to provide our students with a plan for personalized, continued learning in an online environment.  It is our hope and our expectation that students and parents are taking advantage of the education that is being provided by our dedicated staff.  We are navigating very challenging circumstances where so much of what we take for granted—our health—our very life—could easily slip away from us.  To be able to hold on to our access to an education is, indeed, something to be valued and not taken for granted. 

Perhaps the most-frequently asked question from parents and students thus far has been, “Is this work graded?”  The answer is “yes.”  When end-of-year decisions are made regarding course credit, promotion, and academic placement, all data gathered will be factored into the decision-making process.  This also applies to all work done in the online learning format.  Consequently, it is important that parents and students understand the importance and the ramifications of completing the assigned online work.  In order to alleviate any confusion regarding this expectation, we have outlined below the method(s) that will be used for grading during the 2019-20 school year.  In addition to Pass/Fail options for grades 5-12 during the 4th quarter, we have also included some measures that will allow students to maximize their options for 3rd quarter grading if the student takes advantage of them by May 15.  Please review the details below. 

During this evolving and unprecedented time, additional modifications are possible and will be based on information from multiple sources, including NYSED.  This includes any changes to the date of our return to school and how that decision will affect instruction and grading. 


Grades K-4

Marking Period 1 Evaluations will remain the same.
Marking Period 2 Evaluations will remain the same.
Marking Period 3 Evaluations will be made based on work done prior to March 11.  No student will be penalized for missing work due to absence or otherwise.
Marking Period 4 Evaluations will be based on Pass/Fail performance.  Students either met the expectation or did not meet the expectation. 
Recommendation for promotion will /will not be made at end of year based on data collected by the district during the school year. 


Grades 5-12


Marking Period 1 Students will receive the grade earned.
Marking Period 2 Students will receive the grade earned.
Marking Period 3 Students will receive the grade earned prior to March 11.  Students will also have until May 15 to makeup any missing work or work that received a grade of 0 in eSchool for this marking period.  Students and parents MUST check eSchool to see if there is any missing work or work that can be made up. 
Marking Period 4 Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for this marking period. Students either met the expectation or did not meet the expectation. 
Final Exams “Exemption” given by NYSED for all students scheduled to take a Regents exam in June 2020.  Local exams still TBD. 
The district will use all available data to determine course credit and final grading.  This includes all work done during online instruction. 


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